Snow Days Project


Snow Days is an arts-based research project exploring the creative process through the lens of 28 people as they maneuver through one of the coldest months of the year.

Project Background:

Project Background:

During the month of February, an assemblage of artists, scientists, designers, professors & academics, participated in a collaborative challenge to explore their creative process in the form of a 24-hour “Snow Day.”

Day by day, through snow squalls, sunshine & sleet, each collaborator ventured outdoors on a solo mission to consider the following questions: How does weather affect our moods, our everyday patterns of behaviour, our ability to be productive? Where does creativity come from?

Opening Event: Friday, March 18th | 7-midnight

Gallery Hours:
Saturday, March 19th | 10-5pm
Sunday, March 20th | 10-4pm

Snow Days Wall Spaces