Part installation, part sociological survey, Between Doors invites audiences into an evolving narrative on the nature of choice. What is choice? Are we the sum of our choices? Are we in control of the choices we make, or is choice merely an illusion?

Confronted by a series of free-standing doorways, participants are asked to make a choice; for every decision there lies a doorway; through that doorway, another set of doorways; and through that doorway, another set of choices.

Overhead, a large screen tracks and visualizes the data from the selections made throughout the night, revealing intricate parallels and unforeseen insights between choices and choice-makers.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Historic Fort York
Oct 4, 7pm – 7am

Stats from October 4th, 2014
4,591 Participants

You can download the raw data in CSV and SQL format here.


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Our heartfelt thanks to the following people for assisting us with this big project: Bill Alexander, Vasa Gataiance, Liz Loerchner, David Loerchner, Sam Pelletier, Gram Schmalz, Pook, and all the amazing Scotiabank Nuit Blanche volunteers & staff who worked with us all night long!