Empty(ing) Nest is a towering installation (doubling as a yard sale) constructed from the personal objects and belongings of one suburban family. Accumulated over the span of 25 years, transplanted from the artist’s childhood home, and installed in the gallery, this vast collection offers a static portrait of a family in transition. Now with their children fully grown and on their own, Mr. & Mrs. M. face the daunting task of purging their four-bedroom home.

The project explores the personal histories we construct through the objects we consume and the value we place upon those objects we choose to let go. All items on display will be available for purchase at the end of this exhibition. Items can be viewed online at emptyingnest.com.



Participating Artists:
John Armstrong & Paul Collins
Dodo Lab
Martha Eleen
Labspace Studio
Jesse Louttit

Harbourfront Centre, Main Gallery
235 Queens Quay West
Curated by Patrick Macaulay
Sep 27 – Dec 28, 2014

Official YARD SALE date (in the gallery) is December 30th 10-2pm

Free Admission

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