Empty(ing) Nest Laval

Empty(ing) Nest is a towering installation (doubling as a yard sale) constructed from the personal objects of a suburban family in Laval, Quebec. This extensive collection, transplanted from the house of the Grebmeier-Forget family and installed in the gallery, offers a portrait of a family in transition: children grown, professional careers evolving and transforming.

The project explores the personal histories we construct through the objects we consume and the value we place upon those objects we choose to let go. The installation will be followed by a garage sale on Sunday, August 30.

*Empty(ing) Nest was originally commissioned for the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto using the belongings of the Mendes family.*

Curated by Jasmine Colizza
Maison des Arts de Laval
Aug 1 – 30, 2015
Opening: Aug 1, 2 – 5pm

Exhibition Program

Photos by L. Heureux